…is apparently the cool new hipster hobby.

I shouldn’t be too sarcastic; I’ve been trying on this for the last few months, too. It’s been surprisingly easy, and my purchase-of-books-per-month rate–both physical and digital–has skyrocketed.

My first go-tos are Dymocks and QBD, both local chains with presence in both the physical and virtual space. If they don’t have something, Bookworld/Angus & Robertson almost certainly will (the online stores for these are the same backend, operated by Penguin Random House). Ebooks I either grab through one of those outlets or, if I’m feeling lazy, straight from iBooks.

For indie ebooks I try Smashwords first, or direct from the author/small press. RPG books I grab either from the local games shop or DriveThruRPG.

I have still made some purchases via Amazon, either because I’ve exhausted the other options or because the title is a self-pubbed print book only available at the ‘zon.

Like I said, it was surprisingly easy to slip back into buying books from not!Amazon. I think because Amazon was the first website I ever really remember–not just the first ecommerce site, but literally the first website–I never really bothered to explore other online retail options, thus assumed they didn’t exist.

Well, as it turns out, in 2014, they do. And the shipping is cheaper and faster to boot.