Aww. What a sweet short film about a boy and his kite. Aw, look at that grass and those lighting effects! Look at those deer! Look at–

Wait. What. What do you fucking mean it was rendered in real time ((Hint: watch the grass in the middle distance.)) by the Unreal Engine? Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Combine technologies like this, the VR of something like the Oculus Rift,1 and this technology developed by Lucasfilm, and I think movies and videogames are going to get very interesting in the next decade or so…

  1. I’ve used one of these. I admit I was skeptical going in, but very impressed coming out. Doubly so because I wear glasses and have a whole bunch of vision and motion issues, and the Oculus didn’t interfere with or trigger any of them. Pretty amazing for prototype tech. []