if you’re in fandom, and you consume, produce, or otherwise enjoy fanfic, then you need to stop using “like a bad fanfic” or “like fanfic with the serial numbers filed off” or even just “like fanfic” as your go-to insults for pro-published works. 

I mean, I get what you think you’re saying: that you’ve read fanfic that is “better” than the profic you’re commenting on. (For whatever “better” means to you.)

But what you’re actually saying–what people are actually hearing–is: “I think fanfic is bad and so is this.”

Especially don’t say these things about works produced by female authors, doubly so if you’ve never done the same for male authors like, say, Neil Gaiman or John Scalzi or Charles Stross or Terry Pratchett, all of whom who’ve achieved (well-earned) success off the back of “fanfic with the serial numbers filed off” style works.

The denigration of fanfic is gendered. Think before you contribute to that, even if your intent is “ironic” (because I assure you, it won’t be read that way).

Something to consider, maybe.