So I might not have a blurb, a cover, or even a final title, but what I do have a pre-order links for my first novel, LIESMITH1 (this one, remember).

So… yeah. I don’t have official cover copy to dazzle you with marketing brilliance, but what I can say is LIESMITH is a queer urban fantasy blending Norse mythology with modern tech culture.

Its protagonists include Sigmund Sussman, full name Sigmund Gregor Sussman de Deus, a twenty-something IT helpdesk drone of mixed Jewish/Latino heritage, and Lain Laufeyjarson, his new redheaded hipster co-worker with the suspiciously unpronounceable name.

Yes, it has zombies. Seriously. Every single person has asked me this. There are zombies. They’re Viking zombies, but they’re still zombies.

During the course of the book Lain and Sigmund will also have to deal with:

  • an epic smackdown of Fate versus Love
  • angry Viking gods fighting in a mall parking lot
  • goth valkyries
  • an anthropomorphic feathered dinosaur guy
  • a corporate bonding event so awkward it heralds the end of the world
  • the end of the world (twice)
  • Fantales (also emus)
  • smartphones as the new all-purpose adventuring tool
  • Dungeons and Dragons dating
  • mad twitch and uber micro

Plus romance, violence, family angst physically manifested into horrific monsters, a lot of things catching fire and/or blowing up, and one really cool car.

What more could you want? Kissing? We got that. Zombies? Still got that. Drop bears, rangas, and other weird Australiana? Yup. Norse mythology puns? Boy howdy! A flipped-over reenactment of Gandalf fighting the Balrog at the roots of a giant tree hung full of corpses? Yup, got that too. Seriously. It’s awesome.

So fly, you fools, and go pre-order right now, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and/or these other fine retailers. The whole thing will be out for realsies later this year, circa October, but this way you can totally say you were all over the book before it was cool! The God of the Hipsters will bless you with perfectly frothed lattes for at least twelve months because of it, I swear.

Also keep an eye out for more details in the coming months.

Edit: Edited to reflect the book’s new title.

  1. a.k.a. THE NOVEL FORMERLY KNOWN AS WYRDTOUCHED. You say “weird“, I say “word“… let’s just rename it to be safe and file the experience under Why Authors Don’t Work In Marketing.