Apparently it’s common for the far-right to think porn is a Jewish conspiracy which is both… huh and lol, all at once.

As with the other major notorious antisemitic conspiracy theories—i.e. that Jewish people control “the media” and “the banks”—apparently this one does have a kernel of truth; historically, Jewish people have been disproportionately represented in the (US) porn industry. And basically for the same reasons, i.e. being locked out of more “culturally respectable” work by Christian antisemites (who are, let’s recall, only all-too happy to flood the respective industries once they stop incurring religious prohibitions and/or become profitable).

As a bonus: the article does a quick intro on the (Western) anti-porn movement in general, which has always been intrinsically linked to racism and antisemitism, and homophobia and transphobia way before it’s been about anything to do with women. So… yanno. Just something to keep in mind the next time you stumble over your next loudmouthed anti on Teh Tumblrs…

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