Oh no… there’s more. This is currently pretty rough, with some mechanics still outright placeholders. I’m also still ambivalent on how I want to handle whether Moves need rolls or not, and/or under what circumstances, so…

Basic Moves


To have tickets on oneself is to be overconfident. Moves include.

  • Pull the Wool Over Their Eyes: Used when trying to bluff, con, lie to, or otherwise deceive someone.
  • Be a Right Root Rat: Used when trying to seduce someone with raw charm, charisma, or sheer bloody sex appeal.
  • [Wyrd] Deploy the Reality Distortion Field: Something happening that doesn’t fit in with your personal private view of the world and your place in it? Roll +Tickets and spend Belief to change it. The amount of Belief required depends on the nature of the event being countered and its importance to the story. Being able to immediately find a parking space at the mall is likely free. Denying an attempted arrest broadcast live on national television (and getting away with it!) is a 3-cost Move. Note that deploying the reality distortion field cannot be used to deny Fate.


To be fair dinkum is to be honest and reliable, both in personal conduct and mental clarity. Moves include:

  • Invoke Mateship: Foster trust, friendship, and camaraderie. Use of this Move must be done legitimately and earnestly, with the intent to help the subject. (For insincere and manipulative social interactions, you’re looking to pull the wool over their eyes.)
  • Cut the Bullshit: Detect lies and falsehoods, and resist uses of Tickets Moves. Cutting the bullshit may also be use to detect and see through certain manifestations of the Wyrd; it won’t dispel, prevent, or counter the effect, but it will allow a character to better understand what they’re seeing.
  • [Wyrd] Call Upon the True Blue Spirit of Australia: We are one, but we are many. Roll +Dinkum and spend Belief when attempting to incite Australians into actions in line with some aspect of “Australian national character.” The true blue spirit does not have to be positive; bigotry, small-mindedness, and sucking up are as much as of the “Australian character” as calling in a sickie or singing along with the Angels. When used on Australians outside of Australia, it gets a +1 bonus. Always succeeds if used in Britain.
  • [Wyrd] Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie: The opposite of the true blue spirit, this Move may be used to convince non-Australians (mortals and Wyrdtouched alike) to accept some obviously, glaringly inappropriate or incorrect action, behavior, or piece of information as “truly Australian” and thus acceptable, forgivable, or believable. Since “lying to foreigners about Australia” is both extremely Australian and deceptive, spend Belief and roll -Dinkum when throwing another shrimp on the barbie (that is, negative scores are used as bonuses and vice versa).

The true blue spirit and throwing another shrimp on the barbie are only available to Australian Wyrdtouched; characters from elsewhere should develop appropriate equivalent Moves with the Wyrd. For the purposes of these moves “an Australian” is considered to be “anyone who identifies as Australian”, regardless of actual legal nationality, ethnicity, species, etc.


It’s short for “aggressive”. Moves include:

  • Have a Bit of Biffo: Generic attack action, about which I will develop rules for later I guess?
  • Unleash the Bogan: Used for any attempts at verbal intimidation, including-but-not-limited-to threats, name-calling, and trolling on social media.
  • [Wyrd] Break the Really Real World: Reveal your Wyrdborn nature—and forcibly strip Belief—from a mortal. Doing so always creates a Wyrdtouched and results in a tie of Fate, the nature of which depends on the circumstances surrounding the Revelation. In the event the mortal subjected to a Revelation is another character, they gain a Wyrd score based on the amount Belief stripped (-3 for 1 Belief, -2 for 2 Belief, -1 for 3 Belief). Mortal player characters may attempt to resist a broken Really Real World with cut the bullshit. This is kind of a core mechanic that touches on a bunch of other stuff so needs some more rules/expanding later…


Hard yakka is the domain of endurance and determination. Moves include:

  • Sheer Bloody Mindedness: Used to succeed at seeminly impossible phsical or mental tasks through nothing but force of will. Sheer bloody mindedness will not allow a mortal to perform supernatural or outright inhuman feats (you can hold your breath for several minutes, not indefinitely), and there may be a price to pay later (that all-nighter is going to suck tomorrow).
  • Drink a Cup of Concrete: Shrug off damage, intoxication, illness, or poison… at least temporarily.
  • [Wyrd] Imagine Sisyphus Happy: Roll +Yakka and spend Belief to invoke the Wyrdtouched version of sheer bloody mindedness, i.e. the one that does allow for supernatural and otherwise inhuman feats.


Book smarts, obsession, and copious amounts of realm-specific trivia are all the domain of the geek. Moves include:

  • Suss it Out: Whether it’s from a background in academia or a obsession with point-and-click adventures, a sufficiently motivated geek can find the answer to any problem.
  • Land a Walk-On Role in Someone Else’s Story: No one suspects the nerd. Use this Move to appear to appear harmless or socially invisible through methods such as “unfashionable” clothing, weird hobbies, a boring personality, and/or the ability to endlessly sprout tedious minutia. Won’t stop you showing up on security camera footage, but will make the security guard wave you through when you explain how your rush to the shop to buy a first run print of Obscure Trade Comic X—you know, the one where Creator McWhoseface make his debut decades before he’d been shoulder-tapped by Studio Bigmoney for Interchangeable Summer Blockbuster IV, where he introduced the notion of an infinite regression post-process universe way before Rival O’Asshole, and you know everything thinks O’Asshole invented the infinite regression but actually it was McWhoseface, and even he got the idea from Jan Kowalski’s 1906 Polish nove– holy crap what were we talking about? Moving on.
  • Argue on the Internet: Use this move to trap someone in circular rhetoric, obscure points of reference, surprise logical fallacies, and a stubborn refusal to concede any point, ever, for any reason. Despite the name, arguing on the internet is a rhetoric style and may be used via any medium, including in person. Successful use of arguing on the internet forces its target/s to also start arguing on the internet. If the subsequent contested +Geek roll produces no clear winner, both parties start rolling sheer bloody mindnedness as the argument continues; the first party to fail a roll “loses”. A character who loses a round of arguing on the internet (either in the initial argument or subsequent rounds of sheer bloody mindedness) must cut the bullshit; failure on this roll forces them to immediately argue on the internet again with the same target/s, with a +1 bonus. Parties cannot voluntarily end the use of arguing on the internet once it has been invoked; the only outcomes are “victory” or “death”. Surprisingly (or maybe not), this Move is available to everyone, mortal and Wyrdtouched alike.


God bullshit. Only Wyrdtouched have Wyrd scores, be they positive or negative. Mortals have no Wyrd and cannot use any Move that relies on it. Mechanically, there is no difference between a Wyrdtouched and Wyrdborn, and the term “Wyrdtouched” is used to refer to both.

The following Moves are available to all Wyrdtouched:

  • Change Clothes: Change the superficial appearance of a small, mundane personal item. Usually used to make outfits look cooler. The effect lasts until the changed object is no longer being observed or recorded.
  • Reach Into Hammerspace: Store or retrieve items from “pocket dimension” or other abstracted off-screen inventory. Larger items may require expenditure of Belief; more complex items require a roll +Wyrd. Only inanimate objects may be stored in hammerspace, and effectively become Wyrdtouched by the experience, emerging as bigger, better, cooler, more obviously mythic versions of whatever they went in as. Sometimes used intentionally for this purpose.
  • Break the Fourth Wall: As described in Lain’s Wyrdsight Move.