*pinkie finger wriggle*

/*pinkie finger wriggle*

I’ve been covering the alt-right and the MRM for a long time now, and you see the reason so many of them are obsessed with virility and vitality in the rare moments they drop their guard. They don’t fear eradication as a culture, no matter what they claim. They feel fear of personal irrelevance.

They see marginalized groups fighting hard, winning accolades, starring in critically-acclaimed docudramas, and none of that is happening for them. […]

The alt-right is largely made up of frustrated white dudes tired of being told they have privilege when their dreams go unfulfilled. Rather than assign any blame on their own views or behavior, they believe that women and minorities are gaining ground through coddling and cheating. This feeds the persecution complex that has dominated conservative politics for two decades.

Jef Rouner on the virility trap.

This isn’t, incidentally, Rouner trying to drum up sympathy for the alt-right—after all, plenty of other dudes1 get the same feelings and don’t decide the answer is to, like, try and create a fascist ethnostate—but rather investigating why so much of the alt-right is so into “male enhancement” fishslapping pseudoscience…

  1. And not-dudes, for that matter. I mean, “feeling powerless/unappreciated and not liking it” is pretty much as close to a universal human condition as you can get, I think. ^
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