Today in Projects That Will Go Nowhere: Lain as a character sheet for a PbtA-style Wyrdverse tabletop roleplaying game! Raw and un-tuned and half-formed, but here he is…


Tickets +2, Dinkum -2, Aggro +0, Yakka +1, Geek -1, Wyrd +3.


Lain gets all Basic Moves and all Wyrdborn Moves, in addition to the following.

  • Suspiciously Lousy Shot: Lain always misses with projectiles, including-but-not-limited to guns, spears, bows, and balls.
  • Baldr’s Bane: Lain takes full Hurt from weapons made of mistletoe.
  • Thousand Years Underground: Lain has claustrophobia, and takes -1 on all Moves when in confined spaces, increasing to -2 when underground. If restrained in either circumstance, add another -1 penalty. Screaming in pain while under the effects of both the penalties for being restrained and underground causes earthquakes.
  • Boots’s Legacy: Lain’s blood is poisonous and caustic.
  • Wyrdsight: Lain has no conventional sense of vision, and cannot sus it out, get back to reality or use any other Move that relies on sight or a visual grounding in objective reality. Instead he may roll +Wyrd to break the fourth wall to gain “meta-narrative” information about objects or characters in a scene (e.g. the history of an object, the rough biography of an individual, or a mortal’s immediate surface thoughts). Understanding received via this Move may be subject to unreliable narration, dramatic irony, and/or other subjective forms of narrative contrivance, at the Wyrd’s convenience. Lain does not need to roll to detect superficial information about a scene (e.g. where he is, who’s with him, what’s in his way, etc.), though also receives the majority of this information via the Wyrd, and thus tends to perceive things based on the emotions they inspire in mortal onlookers (the sky is “open” instead of blue, an individual may be perceived as large based on their personality rather than physical height, etc.). His other senses (touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc.) function as per an average human’s.
  • Bloody Ranga: Lain can create and extinguish fires at will, and is immune to the effects of fire (though not things that have been heated by it). He may roll +Wyrd for a bit of biffo (with fire) instead of +Aggro.
  • Everything to Everybody: Lain can change into any human form at will, and between human forms and his jötunn-self.
  • Tall Poppy: Lain may roll +Tickets to overcome any mundane situation that could feasibly be solved by the application of being the world’s third richest man.
  • Loki’s Bargain: Lain can make a deal with Loki to gain a temporary +3 modifier to any Move involving projectiles, to use everything to everybody to assume non-human forms, or to gain any other service, favor, or piece of information Loki could potentially provide.

Loki’s Moves

Loki gets the following Moves in addition to the above.

  • Everyone Makes Deals With Loki: For every time Lain makes a deal with Loki, check a box. Loki may use a Deal to take control of Lain for the remainder of a scene. While in control, Loki has access to all of Lain’s Moves. Use of Loki’s bargain is considered to be constant, and does not incur and additional Deal (i.e. the effects of being a suspiciously lousy shot and the limitations on everything to everybody are removed). Loki may be played by the same player as Lain, another player, or the Wyrd itself; whatever will cause the most trouble for everyone.