I am a heterosexual man with (sorry if this is a little too much information) a high libido. I notice and respond to the same anatomical features that most heterosexual men respond to. I feel absolutely no shame in that. Yet what I *don’t* do is go up to my female friends and say to them “wow, you have defiantly atomic boobs — those two knockers could alter the course of human history”, because even apart from the ridiculously bad phrasing, that would be a horrible thing to do. They would feel threatened, and quite possibly in immediate danger. A level of sexual attention that would, when coming from a woman towards me (or from another man, assuming he wasn’t generally threatening), be flattering (if incomprehensible) would when directed from a man towards a woman be terrifying.

This isn’t having a double standard, it’s merely taking context into account. [… C]omments that would be flattering when directed from a woman to a man become threatening when directed from a man to a woman.

And so many, many, women are made profoundly uncomfortable by unexpected-in-context displays of male lust. This is not the same as them being censorious bigots who want to shut down dissent. It’s them saying “this makes me uncomfortable, please stop it”.

Andrew Hickey on imbalances.