[B]asically we’ve built an industry on free labour, and we’ve concluded that we’d much rather make people work for free in their spare time to produce adequate software and shame them into supporting it when somehow it surprisingly doesn’t do exactly what we want than fairly compensate for their labour and get good software out of it.

This makes any attempt to get money for tooling such an uphill struggle that it’s really not worth the effort. Plans which are predicated on changing the world before anyone will pay you any money are decidedly bad plans.

David R. MacIver on the real cost of free.

And from Baldur Bjarnason’s commentary:

we’ve built a system where the only major beneficiaries of Open Source Software are corporations and startups. Instead of empowering the people and regular computer users, we’ve empowered VCs and tech billionaires.

Or, in other words for another industry, how many books have you given away recently?