Sometimes being an Australian on the Internet can feel like coming into a conversation when it’s already half over.

Case-in-point: probably about six to twelve months ago, I started reading a bunch of awful-mostly-in-the-racist-way things attributed to “Steve King”. This left me quite confused because, like, I’ve read a bunch of that guy’s books, and he doesn’t seem like a mouth-foaming racist? But I guess he’s getting older and sometimes when–

Oh, no wait. Apparently that’s Representative Steve King, not author Stephen King.

Right. Right… phew. That means I don’t have to burn down half my bookshelf. Hooray.

I did start to wonder, though, whether sharing his name with a wingnut racist made Actual Real Stephen King sad on the inside. Then I saw:

Well… I guess that answers that question. My commiserations to the family.

(I wonder if the King family can sue for, like, impugning on the family professional brand or something? Is that a thing? I’m sure companies can do it, so can people? Hm…)