I find this post interesting, partly because I do a lot of linkblogging (duh) and I don’t like the default way WordPress handles it, particularly with regards to RSS feeds.1

Mostly, however, I find it fascinating that a post talking about A Brief History of Linkblogging doesn’t bother mentioning one of the first major (personal) linkblogs, i.e. #!/usr/bin/girl, just all the subsequent dudes who imitated (and profited off) the formula.

  1. “Write a proper linkblog plugin for WordPress” has been on my projects todo list for… uh, an embarrassingly long time. The main problem is that there’s no standard within WordPress’ API on how to handle post formats, so any plugin I write will be specific to the way I implement them. Admittedly, I implement them in a pretty standard way–the first <a href="..."> in a post is the linkblog link–but… still. Also, this footnote is officially now longer than the post it’s attached to. Joy. []