On writing when aphantasic.

/On writing when aphantasic.

Aphantasia is the experience of not seeing “pictures” in your mind’s eye. I think I’m mildly aphantasic, particularly when it comes to faces, so this post by Andrew Hickey on strategies for writing with the “condition”1 is really interesting. I do… quite a lot of the things he mentions in my own writing, to be honest. And reading, too; I find reams and reams of physical descriptions of things really, intensely dull. But give me some juicy emotional interaction and… mmm. Delicious tasty emotional interactions.

In case anyone is wondering, if I don’t think in pictures, what do I think in? Answer: narration. I think in narration, including in memories, and narration that tends to focus on non-visual things (emotion, smell, touch, and sound). This is where the idea for Lain’s Wyrdsight comes from, incidentally, which now that I think about it, is the biggest literary cheat of all as far as not-describing-things-visually goes…

  1. It’s not really a condition, but whatever. ^
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  1. yellingintothevoid 13th December, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    I don’t think I’m aphantasic (I see things, but… not like I see things in the real world; I can tell you that the… (more)

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