On the lionization of Snowden.

/On the lionization of Snowden.

Tl;dr, Edward Snowden’s origin story is of a dude fired from the CIA because he “wasn’t a good fit” (read as code for: was seen as untrustworthy), so decided to get himself hired as a low-level tech support monkey in order to intentionally get revenge on the intelligence community. Oh, and he very likely cheated on the exam to get into the NSA’s cyber-warfare division; a job he subsequently declined because it didn’t pay as well as being a contractor.

Whatever you think about the NSA/CIA/et al, Snowden is not a whistle-blower; he’s a thief with a vendetta who became a useful patsy for foreign powers looking to discredit and destabilize the US intelligence community. Which, well. Look how that turned out…

(Also, the movie is terrible. Just, yanno. FWIW.)

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