No, not that c-word. The other one. The one that ends in “razy”.

For the record,  “Josh Deserved Better!” is pretty much the catch-cry of Until Dawn fandom. Interestingly, a lot of the post-game everyone-lives fanworks don’t attempt to “magically cure” Josh either mentally or physically,1 but rather focus on slow rehabilitation and his learning to live with–and be accepted for–his “new normal”. Which isn’t to say everything in fandom is 100% Pure and Unproblematic–of course it’s not–but it’s always… interesting the way fandom can usually be relied on to reject certain tropes about “monstrousness” and mental illness.

Also, while we’re on the subject, Em in the Wyrdverse is schizophrenic, which is why there are occasional mentions of her “meds”. One of the antagonists in BAD MEME was going to be an entity that gives people waking nightmares (more-or-less). Em is the only one who’s “immune” to it, not because she doesn’t experience its influence, but because she’s so used to experiencing similar symptoms she has better techniques to deal with them.2

  1. Spoiler alert, for people who haven’t played the game. Also content warning for gore and body horror.
  2. For the record, it’s also mentioned by Lain that mental illness and other neurodiversesities don’t impact a mortal’s connection, or lack thereof, to the Wyrd. Basically because I hate both ends of that trope, so shut them down in my own ‘verse. Because hah!