Larry Page’s efforts have made it trivial to find virtually anyone’s contact information, date of birth, siblings, and address, but effectively impossible to find his children’s names. Mark Zuckerberg wants to make everyone in the world closer, except his neighbours.

They’re fully aware of the problems they have played a part in creating, but the business models of the companies they started are dependent on everyone else not figuring that out.

Nick Heer on exit hatches.

The comment about Zuckerberg is, for those of you who missed it, because the dude bought out all his neighbors’ houses and demolished them to give his own residence more “privacy”…

(See also: Most tech company execs severely restrict their children’s access to laptops, phones, and so on, and definitely don’t allow them to do schooling like that. Often while simultaneously pushing massive one-laptop-per-child-style initiatives on everyone else’s children…)