Oh, WorldCon, no.

Foz Meadows has a write-up of the current WorldCon 76 drama.

This all feels very much like people used to running a small-town parochial con1 with an established member-base suddenly getting in a twist because they have to accommodate (gasp) outsiders.

I do think it’s maybe indicative of the fact that WorldCon is finally starting, in the last few years, to live up to the “world” part of its name. In other words, you can’t just have your local con grab the host spot and expect to be able to run things in the same way you always run them…

Edit: Another write-up.

  1. I know San Jose has a million or so people in it… but on the other hand, Melbourne has about 4 million and it took me like two years to feel like I knew, at least by sight, most of the regulars at Continuum.

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  1. Your point about the parochial con hosting WorldCon does make me worry a little bit for NZ 2020, but I have my fingers crossed the committee will do a good job.

    • Alis says:

      Honestly, I’m less worried about the non-US cons. I think there’s more of an, um… understanding outside the US that the WorldCon is A Big Deal, and can’t just be run All Systems Normal? Like, not to say they don’t have their own problems, they’re just… different ones?

      I guess I’ll see next year with Dublin (which is about half the size of San Jose, population-wise).