So now that the rest of the world has caught up to October (welcome, guys, nice to have you), I should point out that Queer Romance Month has officially started.

QRM celebrates the importance of queer representation in fiction. From their About page:

  • We believe that love is love, and nobody should be relegated to a sidebar or a subgenre. Queer romance is romance.
  • We welcome anyone who believes in love, irrespective of gender or orientation. Allies, supporters and the curious are all part of QRM.
  • We support the right to read what you like, write what you love, and be who you are.
  • We love romantic fiction. We want to share the love and help some amazing books and authors reach a wider audience.

Queer romance, particularly the m/m genre, has exploded in recent years, thanks to the rise of self-publishing and specialty presses. There’s a whole host of great reads out there and, importantly, a whole host of great discussion around why queer romance is important even beyond straight-up queer representation (which is also important, but for slightly different reasons).

All throughout October, the QRM blog has a heavy schedule of posts from both readers and writers of queer romance, and I’d heartily encourage everyone to go check them out.