So the results are up. Some of you may remember I did some drive-by commentary on some of the nominees (novels, novellas, novellettes, short stories), so… meh. Biggest (pleasant) surprise here is Zen Cho’s win in the novellette category; I really loved that work but didn’t think it would win. So… yay for being wrong on that one.

Some more quick comments for the categories I didn’t get around to making proper posts on:

  • Some major side-eye for Trail of Lightning coming in last (EtA: on the first pass, a bit more on which below) for best novel. I wasn’t even particularly into the opening of this but yeah it did not deserve last.
  • An extremely unsurprised “meh” on the Centenal Cycle coming second in the best series category, since this was one of my biggest recent disappointment DNFs. It bills itself as a kind of thoughtful international political thriller thing but I couldn’t get over the fact that literally every character, regardless of where they were supposed to be from or what they did, thought and acted like that kind of middle-class American intellectual who thinks centrism is an edgy political position. But apparently works that reinforce extremely milquetoast pseudo-woke American takes are in vogue this year, so… EtA: Okay so the post linked above is wrong; the Cycle came in dead-last according to the actual vote tally. Why would so badly misrepresent the placement of a Tor-published novel series I couldn’t possibly say
  • AO3 won best related work at exactly the time I’m starting to reconsider my formerly uncritical love of the platform which… go figure. (Still deserved, however.)
  • Monstress coming first in best graphic story and Saga coming in last feels almost like a personal gift (sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the universe who didn’t love Saga, pretty much purely for its constant casual misogyny which… no-one ever seems to mention wtaf?). EtA: … wow that post is unreliable. Monstress deserves to win in this category for the “graphic” part alone.
  • On the other hand, Sorry to Bother You coming last in dramatic long-form is a crime against humanity and both an argument for this entire category to be removed and an indictment of the intellectual vacuousness of the whole awards yes I will fight you on this.
  • So are my personal friends not winning in the podcast category but, like, for a different reason.
  • The Campbell still shouldn’t be called that.

… and that’s probably about it for reactions, really.

See you in 2020, I guess.