I have a lot of radical views. The belief that privileged people deserve death threats as a response to their privilege is not one of them. Maybe this sounds like tone policing. It probably is tone policing. People in marginalized groups receive threats and suggestions of suicide every single day, simply for expressing their opinions. […]

As a person who has been suicidal before, and whose family was tragically impacted by suicide, I view “kill yourself” and expression of violent ableism when used as an insult. Suicide is not a deserved punishment for the creation of problematic media. It is a disease. To suggest otherwise is to cast aspersions at everyone who has ever struggled with suicidal thoughts, or who have succumbed to the disease. What horrible thing have we done, that we deserved those thoughts? That some of us deserved to die for? Why is suicide considered a fitting humiliation for someone who has done wrong?

–Jenny Trout on careless words.

Trout’s post is about the spate of “go kill urself” style comments Joss Whedon received after Age of Ultron, but I thought this quote was applicable more broadly.

Kids, if you tell someone to commit suicide, for whatever “reason” you think you have, no matter how much you think you’re “joking”… if you do it, you’re a fucking asshole. So, yanno. Don’t.