You have to laugh at the double standard, because otherwise you’ll scream: Women who don’t trust men because actual men have abused, harassed, assaulted, demeaned, and otherwise fucked with them are considered irrational hysterics; meanwhile, banning ALL trans women from using gender-appropriate bathrooms because there’s a chance that one of them somewhere MIGHT be a creeper is considered wise and appropriate.

Lindsay King-Miller on double-standards.

The article is “stop using cis women’s safety to justify transphobia”.

Also see “stop using gay people to justify Islamophobia”, and “stop using children to justify homophobia”, among others. In fact, basically any argument built on the foundation of “we have to persecute [vulnerable group A] to protect [vulnerable group B]” is usually pretty suspect, particularly when it seems to somehow suspiciously not ever actually be espoused by [vulnerable group B].