The Author in no sense intends to imply that All Men are responsible for the aforementioned Conflict(s) or Issue(s) as described in this Text. The Author reiterates that Not All Men commit the Offense(s) detailed in the Text, and that the Text is not intended to apply to or be addressed to All Men. The Author hereby disclaims any binding responsibility for the emotional well-being of such Men who erroneously apply the Entreaty(ies) contained within this Text to their own selves. The Reader hereby agrees to accept all responsibility for any emotional turbulence that arises as a result of the perusal of this Text.

–Standard legal “Not All Men” disclaimer.

(Note that this is actually the last, minor, part of the linked post, which is actually about… a lot of things, really, but particularly the way Not All Men respond to Women Talking About Things. Go read the rest of it, too.)