If triple j wants to cover Charlottesville with a truly non-partisan approach, it could simply report on the facts: white nationalists armed themselves and rioted at UVA. Several counter-protestors who attempted to stem the flow of hate, and protect at-risk people of colour, were injured. A peacefully protesting woman was run down by a self-identified white supremacist. He has now been charged with murder. The rioters were armed with torches, guns and some wore swastikas. Some of them self-identified as Nazis.

This is the non-partisan approach to covering this news — not asking a white nationalist how he feels about being a white nationalist on the national broadcaster.

Matilda Dixon-Smith on shitty opinions.

Topically dated by the time this gets off the posting queue, but I still like this pull-quote nonetheless.

I think the “facts are the non-partisan approach” thing gets lost–intentionally lost–in a lot of “bothsiderist” journalism nowadays. “Balanced” news reporting is reporting objective facts; it is not regurgitating other people’s shitty opinions, simply because people have those opinions, and it’s certainly not allowing people with shitty opinions airtime to promote their shitty opinions.