So apparently being a professional cheerleader is hard.

Like, I don’t mean physically hard. Because it is. Physically hard, I mean, and I challenge anyone who would contest that to do six high kicks and form a human pyramid, all while smiling. Go on. I’ll wait.

So I don’t mean that. I mean the conditions are hard.

Cheerleading is an athletic sport all on its own. But because it’s mostly the domain of women–because it largely exists as a sideline to a male activity–it gets shit from all quarters. Including from the people who, yanno. Employ cheerleaders professionally.

They get paid shit and treated worse. I didn’t realise that, but I guess I’m not surprised.

Recently, some professional cheer groups have been fighting back against their crappy conditions. To which I say: good. You deserve better, ladies.

And, honestly? If it was a choice between watching athletic people perform impressive gymnastics in time to music for an hour, or between watching half brain-dead slabs of meat crash into each other for the same, I know which one I’d pick.