Okay, so like, first of all, same-sex relationships in sim games aren’t exactly new; The Sims has been doing this since like 2001 or whenever it first came out. Just because Nintendo is thirteen years behind the times doesn’t mean that’s the Gold Fucking Standard.

But, more importantly; can we possibly find a news source, any news source, who can report on this without saying “Kim Kardashian” in, like, the textual equivalent of a sneer? Like, seriously. It’s okay, gamer press. I know you’re not like Those Girls™ and iOS sim games aren’t Real Games™ and how you’re so enlightened and progressive for treating them as if they are by giving them an op-ed piece.1 Seriously. I get it.

iOS games aren’t Real Games™. Girls aren’t True Gamers™. Kim Kardashian is [insert misogynist slur du jour here]… How about no, okay?

Because what’s really going on here is that a studio made a game in an established genre, licensed it with the brand of a popular celebrity, released it in the year 2014, treated the release like it was happening in 20-fucking-14, and audiences deemed the game good so bought it in large numbers. Holy shit stop the fucking presses! GAME DEVELOPER RELEASES QUALITY GAME AND PROFITS ACCORDING TO MARKET-DRIVEN CAPITALIST MODEL: FILM AT FUCKING 11!

Seriously. This is what the industry’s come to.

  1. Though, to be fair to Polygon, this is one of the least sneery articles I’ve seen. []