So today, for my sins, I got My First Copyedits for Liesmith. This is the part of the job i’m not good at, i.e. the attention-to-fine-detail-and-small-inconsistencies part, so I have so much respect for people who do this job like you don’t even know.

Reading copyedits is a surreal experience. In a way that’s sort of hard to describe or even conceptualise. Like, I’m used to reading my own work. I’m even sort-of-almost used to other people reading my work and telling me how I should change it.

But having someone sit there and carefully ensure I’ve used the correct form of jötunn or jötnar in every instance in which they appear? Making sure it’s not 12 AM in one place and 4 p.m. in another?

That level of detail is… something else. Kind of amazing, even.

Anyway. That’s the sort of misty-eyed paean a glass of red wine will give you. So while I’m here–and before I take a deep breath and steel myself for the actual marked-up manuscript–some entries from the Official Style Dictionary for Liesmith, presented for your amusement:

badass; bloodred; bonefall; Comic-Con; craptonne; dropbear; draugr; fanfic; Fantales; godmonster; Hel; kayfabe; níð; nonce; nothingspace; ohmigod; salarymen; Stephen Fry; valkyrjur; waif-fu