Writer Beware® looks at Amazon’s Kindle Scout.

I’ve talked a little bit about Scout before, but it’s worth revisiting in the post-NaNo season (particularly since it looks specifically tailored to pick up desperate post-NaNo submissions). Basically, Scout seems to combine everything that’s hard about self-publishing with everything that’s crap about traditional publishing, without offering any of the benefits1 of either. I think the reality is that if you have the sort of organised platform that would be required to get your book crowsourced to the top of the Scout reading pile, you’re probably okay to just. Yanno. Straight-up self-pub it. Not to mention that, if a book is good enough to get through Scout’s second-phase editor read-through, it’s probably good enough to get through an editor read-through at a tradpub house, too.

I mean… IDK. I’m not the boss of your manuscript, so do whatever you want with it I guess. But… yeah. I’m not sold on the benefits of Scout, let me put it that way.

(Also, my fingers always want to type it as “Scount” for some reason. Why, fingers, why?)

  1. Rights retention in the former, someone else paying your bills in the latter. []