Model View Culture does a theme that very close to my heart: the mythology of modern tech culture.

“Tech culture” is the second mythology that makes up LIESMITH’s ‘verse, underneath and over the top of the Norse sagas. It’s mostly a background theme in the book itself, but something I’d like to get back to when I’m done being retrospective about the tenth century.

The opening of the second book, in fact, is a bit of an expodump about the history of series technology company–and Obvious Apple Expy1–Lokabrenna, Inc., a.k.a. “LB”.2 I’m not sure if it’ll make it into the final, but if nothing else it was fun to write what is, in effect, a two-thousand word in-joke about the history of the personal computer, as narrated by a Viking god.3

  1. Yes, TV Tropes purists, I know this is technically not an expy (those are exports of fictional characters) but rather an iPhony Fictional Counterpart coupled with a good dose of No Celebrities Were Harmed. Okay? Cool.
  2. Its logo, if you’re wondering, is the three pillars thing you can see around this site. Those of you who know your sagas might even be able to figure out ahead of time where that shape–the three upright blocks with a hole in each and groove worn into the top–is from…
  3. Apples. Ásgarðr. Get it? … Yeah.