When I woke up this morning, what I had to deal with were biological impulses. Gotta pee, thirsty, gotta drink: ooh, ankle feels a little creaky this morning, what’s with the mild backache? Hair’s a mess, gotta wash my face, get the crud out of my eyes. Then there were the external demands: cat wants her breakfast, email is beeping, oh, look, laundry needs to be sorted and put away. Internal obligations: gotta write up the notes from yesterday’s long meeting, gotta blog.

You can’t generate a human-like intelligence without all the human-like stimuli. An AI is a chip in a box on a rack. You aren’t going to get something like us out of it without also somehow simulating all the messy, sloppy, gooey biological bits, and why should you? We’ve already got lots of human-like intelligences walking about, and they come ready-equipped with all the organic concerns tacked on.

–PZ Myers is a meat robot.

His point here is that, while artificial intelligence is likely achievable, the mistake everyone makes is thinking it will be anything at all like “meatspace intelligence”.