I mean, if we absolutely have to bring back the ’90s, you can keep your flannel shirts and pop culture franchise reboots: I’ll take the reboot of Web 1.0, decentralized and anarchic but with modern design and tech sensibilities.

Which is a lead-in to: Mastodon is still totally great and this article both explains why and gives some tips to people starting out.1 It really does feel like a return to the best parts of the late-90s/early-00s internet; community-driven, de-commercialized, and legitimately disruptive, instead of the modern sanitized techbro hypercapitalist faux-sruption Silicon Valley has been pumping out for the last ten years.2

So, seriously. Y’all should get on that. (And, y’know. Come say hi. And also check out the #GetOnOurLawn hashtag, for more tips.)3

Related article, for extra incentive.

  1. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the instances, baby. []
  2. I think it’s absolutely no coincidence that Mastodon’s creator, Eugen Rochko, is German, and some of the platform’s biggest take-up has been in France, for example. []
  3. Also, one day I will get around to bringing up me own instance… one day. []