It’s kind of ironic that our universities are accused of promoting communism when the most common rationale students and administrators use to get students to attend is that it’s the path to a good, well-paying job. You’d think that if we were busy indoctrinating them into neo-Marxism that they’d wake up somewhere around their junior year, look around, and realize that they’re imbedded deeply into an institution with a vested interest in moving them into the bourgeoisie, and they’d riot. Or leave. We’re not seeing much of a revolution right now because the rising costs of a university education have already filtered out most of the citizens with an interest in overthrowing the system.

PZ Myers on universities.

Universities have been pretty solidly co-opted as the training grounds for the capitalist elite for a while now. Certainly within my lifetime; skipping morning classes to sleep in because we’d been up all night playing WoW was about a “radical” as I remember student life. We all knew why we were there, and that was so we could sell out to The Man and get high-paying jobs in cushy white-collar industries.1

On the other hand, my parents did go to uni with a bunch of Marxist cohorts2 but, like. Uni in those days was free. So… yanno.

  1. And, it must be said, meet potential marriage partners who also were destined to get high-paying jobs in cushy white-collar industries. []
  2. Dad even has this story about how he used to be in this trots betting ring making bank with a bunch of his mates. They had a fancy North Shore apartment and were living it up, until The Marxist in the group used all the group’s money to, literally, bail out a “comrade”, who’d been busted on drug charges. This, incidentally, meant that even ten thousand kilometers away from the motherland, Dad still managed to continue his Russian-revolution-refugee family’s multi-generational history of having a home taken away by Communists. Go figure. []