You know who makes men suffer?

You know who creates male suffering?

Men create male suffering.

Not women. Not families. Men. Men make the public laws that rule our public lives: Men control the halls of Congress. Men make up the majority of the Supreme Court. The President has always been a man. Men make the private regulations that rule our professional lives: Out of the Fortune 500 companies in the world, men run 474 of them. Men create the bulk of our culture: only 31% of movies featured a woman in the lead role last year, and only 3% of movies are directed by women, and only 12% of top-level roles (producer, sole writer, cinematographer, etc.) for movies are filled by women. For multi-writer staff features, which are now commonplace, men make up 84% of the staff.

elfs on male tears.

I mean on the one hand this is absolutely, 100% true but, like, on the other… that camo diaper bag? Look honestly if I was shopping for a diaper bag I wouldn’t buy some pastel floral shit either; I’d get something like this. Sometimes liking camo—or not liking powder pink or baby blue or whatever—really is just an aesthetic preference…1

  1. “But… but Alis! Aren’t our aesthetic preferences inherently tied into cultural anxieties including, for example, the delegitimization of anything deemed ‘girly’ or ‘feminine’?” Well, yes. In part. But, also… Sometimes not wanting a pink bag because it clashes with your look is just not wanting a pink bag because it clashes with your look, y’know? []