When we talk about online trolls, we tend to cling to the stereotype that they are anonymous types who wield little power offline. […] But we need to start acknowledging that men with real power and authority are fostering online harassment. Such public intellectuals are perhaps even more dangerous—both because they give online harassment a larger and more mainstream audience, and because they give those campaigns the stamp of moral or intellectual seriousness.

[… T]he root at the problem of this kind of online harassment is that political and intellectual authority has for centuries been the domain of white men. The rise of feminism and civil rights; increased cultural awareness of Islamophobia; and the very real possibility that a woman may soon break the 200-year-plus lock that men have had on the United States presidency are all challenging that authority. Intellectual spaces have become more accessible for everyone. And that’s caused some men to wield their authority more anxiously, and brutally, to those who challenge it.

Sady Doyle on angry white males.

Apologies for the giant cut in the quote; the two paragraphs are really the beginning and end of the article. The middle deals with examples like Richard Dawkins and the Glenn Greenwald.