So somewhere in between moving house, submitting manuscripts, and getting into car accidents,1 I received my very first box from Lust have it!. This is an Australian version of the more famous US beauty boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy. I figured it would be a good way to try new makeup and beauty products I wouldn’t buy of my own accord, without feeling like I’d “wasted” money on a wrong-coloured lipstick or too-greasy moisturizer.

Anyway, my inaugural box arrived a week or so ago, got decamped, and promptly forgotten about in the process of moving. But, lo! For I have nonetheless been using some of the products. I’m not sure which “month” this box is supposed to be, but it seems to be most of the products from January, with one thing swapped out for something from December. Fortunately, the swapped-in thing ended up being my favourite item in the box. So… yay for substitutions.

And now, with that said, the product list:


Colour by TBN Neon Nail Polish in 172 Jess-abel

I’m a nail polish fanatic but also a massive OPI snob, so this sample was a bit of a meh for me. Also, I lived through the 80s and fluoro wasn’t cool then and it’s not cool now, either. Pass on this one.

Marsk Certified Organic Eyeliner in Pitch Black

I’ve mentioned before that my MASSIVE BLINDNESS makes applying eyeliner a huge hassle for me, so I tend to avoid it for everyday use. On the other hand, this eyeliner is quite soft and looks like it would blend well, which is the sort of eyeliner I use, when I do use eyeliner. My current smudgy black eyeliner is also embarrassingly old, which is fortunate, because it can now get tossed out and replaced by this one. Hooray!

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Mudcake

As above, so below. I haven’t tried this one yet, because loose powder eyeshadow freaks me out a bit thanks to bad experiences as a teenager. But I love the colour–a kind of shimmery dark bronze–so this one can sit next to the eyeliner for the next time I need something more adventurous on the ol’ peeplids.

Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon in 409 Kiss & Tell Red

I wore this a few times last week. It goes on nicely and the crayon is a “click up” rather than something that needs sharpening, so that’s nice. (I’m a mechanical pencil fan in both art and markup.) The wear is also pretty good, and I get about a morning’s worth of colour, even after five cups of tea, a chocolate milk, and a chai latte.2 After the lipstick itself has worn off, it also leaves a bit of a stain for the rest of the day. Other things it stains include philtrums, tissues, food, cups, and husbands. Also, I left a takeaway coffeecup with a ring of this around the sippy bit on my desk over the weekend, and when I came back the red flakes were crawling with little ginger flies. So… there’s that.

The other problem is that, while I like the colour I was sent in the abstract, it’s a bit too orange-y for me, particularly against my currently nasty, faded hair colour.3 I tried toning it down with a bit of my ol’ L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Last, which was… not the most successful colour mixing experiment I’ve ever had, and prompted me to run down to the local Mecca to invest in one of those NARS crayons everyone loves so much. So I guess that wasn’t a total loss.

Anyway, Designer Brands crayon. This one’s going back into the cupboard, because I don’t mind it on its own. Just not with my current hair.

Urban Skincare Co. Infuse Body Balm

This smells very strongly like lemongrass and/or lemon verbena, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, you’ll hate it.

Fortunately, I love that sort of thing! So this body balm is my new go-to on the décolletage. Even if it did nothing, I’d still be all over it (that smell! hnngh!), but it wears nicely and does seem to make my wrinkly neck-skin a bit less wrinkly, meaning this is my second favourite product of the box.

Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer

So you know how, last time, I mentioned I bought some primer from Laura Mercier and thought it was rubbish and did nothing? Well, safe to say I suddenly “get” primer, thanks to this product from Inika. I’ve been using it daily and it’s great; glides on smooth and works like a dream with both spreading and holding my foundation.

I’ve got two minor quibbles with the product, however, both of which are highly personal. The first is the whole “certified organic” thing, which I’ve never been convinced is anything other than a buzzword to scare people and inflate prices. (“Did you know your moisturizer is made out of chemicals!!!” No shit, Sherlock.) So I kind of resent liking a product that claims as much, even if I don’t blame the company for its marketing choices. The second niggle is that this primer smells like green tea. Like, a lot like green tea, of the powdered Japanese variety that’s currently super-popular to put in things like crêpe mille-feuille. Unlike the lemon verbena/-grass of the body balm, I’m not a massive fan of the powdered green tea smell as it reminds me of eating an aforementioned green tea flavoured dessert recently in Manhattan. One that made me feel super ill afterwards, and which is thus not an experience I’m racing out to repeat. Fortunately the primer’s scent dissapates quickly, but if slathering stinky things on your face is not for you, then neither is this primer.


Two loves and three “maybes” is pretty good for my first box, I think. The box also contained a $35 gift certificate for Hello Fresh, and a 20% off voucher for Urban Skincare Co., both of which I’ll probably forget to use but oh well.

  1. Everyone was okay, if you’re wondering. []
  2. Don’t judge. []
  3. That kind of pinky-brown purple goes after too many washes. I’m not allowed to re-dye my hair until my piercings heal over. []