I like my iPad (mostly because of the Pencil),1 but I love my Mac (because of the OS). My Ideal Device would be a kind of combo blend of the two; a macOS-with-keyboard device that could swivel or detach into a touchscreen-with-Apple-Pencil.

That this seems antithetical to the direction Apple wants to go in is… endlessly disappointing to me. Spoiler alert, Apple: I am never going to replace my laptop with an iPad for day-to-day work. Stop trying to make that happen!

  1. My main requirements for my iPad are that, a) it fits in my purse, and b) has 4G. I bought a Pro when they came out because it added in requirement c) it can replace my Wacom. Unfortunately, I compromised on a) and b) to get c), and subsequently get far less use out of my iPad Pro than previous iPads… []