It’s hard not to read this article decrying the overuse of electric lighting at night while not thinking of this:

Screencap from an episode of THE SIMPSONS, showing a yellow hand holding a newspaper clipping with a photo of Grandpa Simpson, shaking his fist at a small cloud and yelling. Newspaper headline reads: OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD.

Old man yells at cloud.

Still. When I was growing up, my cousins had a farm. I have a very distinct memory of waking up in the night once and being alarmed at just how bright it was. Big full moon, sure, but I legit thought it was dawn for a while.

It never gets that bright in the city at night time, electric lights or no electric lights.

Just one of those things, I guess.

(Also we have those orange-tinted streetlights the article talks about, and they are worse than useless. May as well have no lights at all rather than those things. Srsly.)