Turns out we like it when our professional services are licensed. In fact, if you’ve ever had occasion to use lawyers, I’m sure you’ve been comforted knowing they’ve passed the bar. Their certification will be neatly framed right behind their heads. Not to mention that even the cafeterias of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive companies have to hang health department grade sheets where diners can see them. So while you take a break from fighting against regulations that keep passenger vehicles safe, you can avail yourself of that burger, which you know is safe thanks to the regulations inspired by the muckraking work of Upton Sinclair. A journalist. Or in libertarian parlance — the media.

Turns out we enjoy regulations. When they’re in our interest.

This roomful of designers, however, is quite taken aback by the idea that our industry, an industry that now regularly designs devices that go inside human bodies, or control our medication, or is writing logic for putting driverless tractor trailers on the street, should need professional licensing.

Mike Monteiro on failed by design.

content warning in that the post discusses real-world examples of where technological design has failed, including the story of someone who attempted suicide after being outed on Facebook.