“Informed teens would sell personal data if offered goods and/or services commensurate to their value“, panicked headlines do not scream.

… Actually that’s unfair, and the Sophos article (and the survey it’s based on) is a lot more even-handed than that.

Some interesting stats:

  • The thing teens were most interested in trading personal data for were biometric authentication (e.g. thumbprint unlocks, etc.), followed by health and education services.
  • The thing they were most unhappy about was companies trading their personal data without their consent.
  • Kids These Days1 spend over nine hours a day online.
  • About an hour of that is spent researching information.
  • 93% of teens own a smartphone.
  • The average teen owns 4.9 digital devices. ((Which… holy crap kids. I don’t think I even own that many devices. The only thing I can think of here is that  lot of kids own multiple consoles, which would push the number up.))
  • 18% were “comfortable creating their own” apps.
  • “Making videos” is the most time-consuming online activity, tied with using social media.2
  • 62% of teens click on ads displayed on social media websites.
  • 44% of teens trust the government with their personal data, compared to only 25% who trust social media.

Of course, the headline grabber in all that was the throwaway that kids would trade their personal data for a pizza. Go figure.

  1. At least the, I assume, middle class mostly white UK kids the survey was targeting. []
  2. This is the part where I knew I was old. Videos! Back in my day the interblargs didn’t got none of this newfangled videos nonsense! []