Kevin Smith has had some feminist faux pas in the past, but in this post he takes his own fans to task for misogynistic dogpiling onto a critic of his work. Mad props to Smith for that.

And, yanno. Say what you like about Smith’s films, but I remember watching Dogma for the first time and being absolutely floored by Jay’s assertion to Bethany that, “Me and Silent Bob are pro-choice. A woman’s body is her own goddamn business!” Because, honestly? How often do you hear such bald assertions of pro-choice-ness in films?

(You could argue that the fact Jay follows this up with, “We’re here to pick up chicks. […] We figure an abortion clinic is a good place to meet loose women. Why else would they be here unless they like to fuck?” dulls the feminist message a little. I’d actually argue the contrary; Jay is a character, and one not designed–by Smith’s own admission–to be particularly feminist. The fact that he presents a strong pro-choice stance outside of that context, I think, important. Not to mention his follow-up line is, arguably, sex-positive; he’s not judgemental in his assertions, just… insensitive. I can see why people would dislike the scene, but… still.)