I guess this kind of makes sense; most people I know who express concern over justice issues, be they social or otherwise, do so because of a reasoned deduction as to the consequences of unjust actions (e.g. perpetuation of human suffering, social destabilisation, etc.).

Somewhat related: one of the things I’ve been thinking a bit about lately is the way certain right wing “economic” narratives about rationality have co-opted almost all forms of discourse. This is the normalisation of a highly transactional, self-centred model of thinking; game theory as applied to everyone, all the time. Even critics of the outcomes of the model, such as leftists and social progressives, still often don’t question the basic premise, i.e. that it’s “rational” (and therefore “natural” and “neutral”) for people to act in ways that are self-interested.

I dunno. There’s a thought in there it’ll need someone smarter than me to follow through on. But… still. Something something normalisation of ideology something something, I guess.