It’s okay to be lazy if you’re thin.

/It’s okay to be lazy if you’re thin.

When I’m in a group of thin women, I am instead mesmerised by how effortless their ensembles look. It’s okay for thin women to slip into stretchy jumpsuits, wear plain tees or crop tops with a trusted pair of mom jeans, or eschew makeup altogether in favour of a more ‘natural’ look. It’s okay for thin women to be emblems of the ‘lazy girl trend,’ an entire aesthetic rooted in looking like you haven’t spent more than two minutes getting ready because you’re just that chill. Nevermind that the word ‘lazy’ is one often used to shame or ridicule fat people, who are perpetually accused of being undisciplined and inactive. Both sartorial and regular, old laziness seem perfectly acceptable if delivered in thin, conventionally pretty packages.

Marie Southard Ospina on fatshion.

It’s been pointed out there’s a male equivalent of this, too, in which it’s more “acceptable” to be a fat dude if you’re hyper-masculine (i.e. bear-esque). But woe betide any big dudes who are young or can’t grow beards or want to have a sense of style outside of “lumberjack”, “ageing drummer”, or “Evil CEO”…

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