Yoga classes won’t do squat to fix stress when the problem is toxic work expectations.

When I was managing staff, I had a mix of people who were strict 9-to-5ers and those who were manic 12-hour-days-plus-2am-on-Sunday-remote-login types. The thing that always struck me is that the people who worked longer hours–in a few cases, obsessively long hours–weren’t actually necessarily more productive than the people who did their 40 hours and left it at that.

The difference seemed to be that the overworkers used to be very good at finding work to fill in their time. That is, they’d obsess over tiny details in one project or work-and-rework something ad infinitum. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is exactly the skill you need. And sometimes it’s just self-directed makework. Meanwhile, the 9-to-5ers tended to be very focused on delivering to the scope of whatever specific task they were delivering on; no tangents, no obsessive rehashing the same thing over and over. And obviously this is one observation from one team, but… yeah. I found it interesting, at any rate.