The world does not deserve [its women]. I thought back to every person who has ever asked me how to “fix” the gender problems in STEM, how to “get more girls” to join STEM programs. I thought about every time that someone has suggested “men are better at spatial thinking” and that “testosterone is linked to better performance in math”.

In my mind I look at all these people, a crowd that is gathered. And in my mind, I stand up and I scream at them. I would put my hands around their shoulders and shake sense into all of them, individually, if I had enough time and enough hands

The problems are so obvious.

There is nothing wrong with women. There is nothing wrong with girls in STEM. There are many women and many girls who, in spite of everything, love STEM-related disciplines. Some of them even go through 4-year bachelors degrees at MIT, maybe even 7 years of a PhD, and then begin questioning whether they should continue in these fields, because they are filled to the brim with so, so many shitty men.

Selam G. on the pipeline.

Content warning for the linked post, which deals with the conduct of various Shitty Men In Tech ranging from shitty comments to harassment to the explicit sex trafficking of minors… and to the other men who enable it all.

This is also, incidentally, the post that went viral and lead to Richard Stallman “resigning” from various positions, because I guess there’s only so many times you can defend pedophilia—and Stallman had a known history of it, to be clear—before consequences catch up.

(That being said, by the time this post gets off the post queue, if Stallman isn’t already on his “wah wah SJWs/cancel cancel culture comeback tour” I will eat my keyboard…)