I had been raised by my dad to believe that personal connections were completely meaningless. If someone was looking to hire, they would put out an ad in the classifieds. They would impartially look at the resumes of everyone that applied and if you had a better GPA than someone else, you would be picked.

This is complete and total bullshit.

Red Queen Coder on hard life lessons.

Go and read the whole post, because pretty much every line of it made me nod my head muttering, “Mm-hmm”.

My parents were also very much of the “it’s not who you know, it’s what” school of life, which is why I spent a good ten years working twice as hard to get half as far as seemingly everyone else (though being a woman in IT didn’t help much, either). On the other hand, one of my husbands mates effectively got handed several million dollars just because he happened to be at Harvard at the right time in his life, so… yanno. About that.