Using “female” […] as a noun erases the subject—making “female” the subject of the sentence. In the most technical sense, it’s correct, but by employing this word that is usually an adjective as a noun, you’re reducing her whole personhood to the confines of that adjective. It’s calling someone “a white” instead of a white person, “a black” instead of a black person, and so on.

“When you refer to a woman as a female, you’re ignoring the fact that she is a female human,” write [BuzzFeed’s Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton], pointing out the connotation that follows: “It reduces a woman to her reproductive parts and abilities.” The focus shifts away from the personal and onto onto her qualities as an object—qualities that have, historically, not been used in the best interest of women.

-Kara Brown on word choice.

I swear to the language gods that using “females” as a noun is a new thing; I never remember it as a kid, but I’m not sure if it’s because people didn’t do it (as much), or because I never noticed it. Either way, it’s ugly, and nasty, and some men get so prissy when you tell them to cut that shit out. I’ve literally had dudes permanently stop talking to me because of how highly the valued their “right” to use females as a noun. It’s like, dude. Maybe that attitude is, yanno. Part of your fucking problem.