“It can be used.”

/“It can be used.”

So what does happen when you donate your dead body to science?

I’ve got a few friends who did things like medicine or biology at university, meaning they’ve dealt with donated cadavers. The general consensus is that–contrary to university student attitudes to pretty much everything else–bodies are treated respectfully and with deference the generosity of the individual who made the donation. At least, once the initial student nausea has passed…

Personally, though, I always wanted to be wired up and turned into a high school science prep room skeleton after I died. We used to have one we called Fred.1 Man, we had so much fun with Fred. Dressing him up. Dancing. Scaring the more squeamish students…

Good times, good times.

  1. Disclaimer: Commonly assumed gender of skeleton’s name may not have matched gender of skeleton’s donor. ^
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  1. Vickie 12th February, 2018 at 9:31 am

    My uni course included 2 anatomy modules and we also worked with donated cadavers. I can confirm that students were generally very respectful. I think it just reminded us of our mortality.

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