Here’s a kind of modern Trolley Problem for you: is it moral to steal a dying fish from a pet store, in order to give that fish a betta (a-har) life?

On the one hand, I am extremely adverse to stealing–I’m That Person who pays their parking ticket even if the boom gate is up–but, on the other hand, I really, really love betta fish and seeing them suffer breaks my black little heart. And, on the other other hand, will stealing sick fish have an adverse impact on minimum wage pet store employees? If you want a quick introduction into the slippery path of utilitarianism and moral calculus, read the comments on this one.

For the record, this is my own betta tank:

Never. Using sand. Again.

Never. Using sand. Again.

No fish in it at the moment, since I’m waiting for the plants and the shrimp1 population to get more established first.

Basically: bettas, yay!

  1. Yes, I’m aware the betta will eat the shrimp. That’s kind of the point. []