When it comes to an author or filmmaker having free reign over their imagination, my concern about their inclusion of people of color isn’t about trying to please everyone. It’s about wondering what kind of thinking they live by wherein minority people simply do not exist, the issue is never mentioned, and the fact that they are nowhere to be found is nothing to be alarmed about. It makes me wonder about the kind of people they are that their race blindness is so severe that even in their minds, we’re invisible. Or worse, that the only people they recognize as human, are white.

–Cate at BattyMamzelle on “white as default“.

For years and years and years the only people I wrote about were white. So were the characters I made in videogames, even the non-human ones. Even the monstrous ones. It took me a long time to realised how fucked up that was. Articles like this–articles pointing out that, yeah, actually blanket erasure is a little bit racist, thanks–are what made me realise it.