Interview at The Qwillery.

/Interview at The Qwillery.

Early on, I latched onto Loki as a favourite of all the Norse gods; he’s an outsider, who doesn’t always make great decisions, but is loyal in his own way and generally tries to help the gods up until the point he kinda… gets sick of it. But the character I was really fascinated by was his wife, Sigyn. We basically know nothing about her, other than the fact she stayed–at great cost to herself–with her husband after his exile from Asgard. I mean, Loki might spend an eternity being tortured in prison but at least he gets to have his revenge when he gets out. But what about Sigyn? She cares for her husband through all that time, so she must feel something for him, but we never know what it is. Is she resigned to his punishment? Does she think he deserved it? Is she with him out of fear or obligation… or is it love? And if it is love, how pissed off must she be over what happened…

… and what price would she pay to fix it?

Still in Liesmith Author Promo Release Week Madness, hat-tip to the lovely folks at The Qwillery for the interview.

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