A is for Actually,
And that mansplaining tone;
B is the Block button —
They can mansplain alone.

C is for Clickbait
And things you won’t believe in;
D is for the dogs
And the cats who can’t even.

E is for your emails
Stacked 8,000 tall.
F is for “Fuck it!
I’m deleting them all!”

G is for Gamergaters,
May they fall off a cliff;
H is for Hard G
(That’s the sound that starts “GIF.”)

I is for IRL,
And a nice, real-life chat;
J is for JK,
Because who wants to do that?

K is for killing it,
Which all startups do.
L is for losing money
(They do a lot of that, too).

–Jason O. Gilbert’s Internet alphabet.